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Discover Why Pizza came to America!

"Gino's," how most know us by, offers simple, delicious and quality Italian food. Experience our friendliness, along with the support of our local community, where we take great pride in serving every customer

Sicilian Nature
simple essence

   Growing up Siciian, one is around the traditional wisdom of a chef, be it in home or the restaurant. Picking quality and fresh ingredients, Gino's Sicilian Express makes an authentic Italian cuisine with a true Italian passion - happy stomachs and friendly experiences. Along with our authentic Sicilian style pizza, we offer a classic panini! Hey, we even make our own bread! Founded by Gino Milano, co-owned and operated in Santa Barbara by Loren Manser.

   From Enns, Sicily, to Vancouver, and Santa Barbara, Gino's is Santa Barbara spot for a classic Sicilian - New York style pizza, a variety of Paninis and other simple eats. We are local, we are Gino's!

finest food
best ingredients

   Tomatoes bursting with natural sweetness, dough made fresh daily, freshly grated mozarella cheese, and food made to order - simpleness, setting us apart. Purchasing ingredients locally, when freshness demands it. For pizza and pannini's, we are known, but there is more.

   This is Gino's. Taste timelessness in a environment for locals. If that is not enough, our topping combinations leave reason enough to come back for more.

hand picked
simply feeling it

If you serve good food, the people will come. The daily experience of traditional Italian cooking, led to our inception. With several successfull stops along the way, Gino Milano established Gino's Sicilian Express in 1978.

    "Gino's," how most know us by, offers a simple, delicious and quality italian food - sicilian by nature, yet influenced by wisdom. Come in and relax, be a part of the neighborhood and experience local friendliness.

Image13 520pizzas served
Image8 228happy faces and stomachs
Image1 500paninis served
some of the crew

it's all about timing, friendship
and earning smiles



Co-owner, daily essence

We learn from the best, and so has Loren.
With a connection to american culture, Loren has added
a deeper experience and quality to Gino's.
To know Loren, you know Gino's - a genuine neighborhood,
friendliness and generosity



founding owner

Gino Milano, along with his wife Connie, have spent
many a journey in Italy, Canada, the Stats and in between.
Knowing what people want - authentic tastes, simplicity
and friendship, Gino's Sicilian Express was his offspring. Time tested and
enduring, his Sicilian wisdom is his gift for all.


some of the
Gino's Crew

passing on excellence

Real, personable, no robots here...
Hand picked to maintain the Gino's name.
Your satisfaction is our priority. We are locals
who believe in serving all the
growing Gino's family.


loren manser

co-owner, daily essence

Gino Milano

founding owner

the Gino's Crew

serving with pride
The Gino's Crew is occasionaly hiring - drivers, counter and cooks
"Like no other...
I lived in New York and have to say
this is the closest to their pizza."
a customer on Trip Advisor
"This place is awesome! Great atmosphere, great customer service.
It was as if a little piece of New York found itself a warm nook in the heart
of Santa Barbara's art district. Thank you guys for the great Chicken Parm Panini!
a statisfied YELP customer
As good as any NYC joint. Even the oil drips the right way when
you fold the slice, the right way. If you eat pizza with one hand folded
this is as good as it gets outatown
if you use fork and knife, forget about it. End of statement !
a YELP review
we appreciate you for it
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We are known

Gino's Sicilian Express

12 West Figueroa Street. · Santa Barbara, CA 93101

E-Mail: · Tel: 805-962-9442


Monday - Saturday 11:30am - 9:00pm

Sunday: 1:00pm-8:00pm